The MASS Production
Business/Marketing/Sales Conference

Training is the number one factor that sets one business team above the next. It’s not recruiting, it’s not management, it’s not the market, it’s not product… it’s TRAINING! Other aspects are important, but without the proper training to execute and use them, they mean nothing.

This event is designed to give you relevant, current and powerful training to bring back to your business! Real estate, financial services, automobiles, janitorial services, doctors, home improvements, insurance, medical services, technical equipment, information technology, the list of businesses is endless. It doesn’t matter WHAT the business is, some things are universally required to succeed.

And you need the training to get it done. Sometimes you need to hear it from a voice other than your manager. You need to see it done differently from your training manual. Maybe you don’t have a manager and you work on your own. Maybe you just need to learn for the first time! Whatever the case, you will get to hear and see some of the best trainers Rochester and the country have to offer!

There is NO SUCH THING as too much personal and professional development! The best of the best are ALWAYS improving and training. The MASS Production Conference will be the event that solidifies your year. You’ll have that boost of motivation, inspiration and education that will take your next quarter to the next level!

This event is FOCUSED on delivering as much training value as possible in a 2 day period to GROW YOUR BUSINESS. But that’s not all! Get into a hub of HUNDREDS of the area’s businesses and sales individuals just like you and BUILD YOUR NETWORK! Your database is your lifeblood in business. Even if you meet someone else in your same industry, you need collaboration to win big! Network, network, network!










The 4 Pillars of MASS Production

Get a boost of education, inspiration and motivation that will take your next business to the next level!

Paramount to all elements of any success is having your head in the right place. This is understanding your purpose for being in business. Is it money, social change, fame? We'll help you get your attitude positive, motivation high, focus honed, and clarity defined.


This training revolves around – Attitude, Purpose, Social Drivers, Overcoming Adversity, Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone, etc.

Experience proves having another set of eyes on you helps you achieve your goals. It makes follow-through more natural and easier. Just by sharing your goals you will double your rate of success. Let's make sure you understand how to engage accountability correctly.


This training revolves around – Management, Coaching, Social Validation, Melding Personal and Professional Life, Lateral Communication, etc

These are the actionable tools you need to succeed! Systems are the skills you employ on a daily basis to get your products and services out to customers. These include your sales process, your website, your storefront, your soft skills, your computers, you signs. This is the bulk of what most people think they need to train. Remember to focus your energy on the other three pillars!


This training revolves around – Skills, Skills, Skills (Software Familiarity, Communication, Closing Sales, Prospecting, Presentation, Product Selection, Competitive Analysis, Emerging Technology).

These are the means by which you employ the other three pillars to achieve long term success. This is how you put it all together!


This training revolves around – Marketing Plans, Long Term Growth, Exit Strategies, New Business Launches, Market Mitigation, Future Development, etc

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