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Goal Mastery: Not What You Think

Course Overview:

Who HASN'T heard of SMART goals? And what about a vision board? And how about the evergreen "mission statement?" These are all relevant tools to achieving mastery over one's goals... and they're almost always used incorrectly. Knowing what the tools are isn't good enough. It's time to really dig down into HOW to really control your future through using these tools correctly.

Course Objectives:

Attendees will better understand the actual process behind goal creation and achievement. Key takeaways include:

  • Top 3 goal tracking methods and when to use them
  • How smart are SMART goals
  • Shifting from a potential future to a probable future
  • Learn the 5 best practices in Goal Mastery in the information age
  • What realignment actions to take when getting off track

Leadership: Everyone Is A Leader To Someone

Course Overview:

Who is in charge? Who influences? What has the title? These are all similar questions with potentially completely different answers. Leadership isn't just about who is in front; it's about motivated, directing and influencing others to a common a common goal. You may be in a very powerful leadership position and you didn't even know. Let's open that awareness.

Course Objectives:

Attendees will understand strong leadership qualities so that they can become a more impactful leader, and choose which leaders to follow. Key takeaways include:

  • Better understanding of what you do, why you do it and why it matters
  • Know your individual strengths, and how to maximize them
  • 8 most relevant qualities of what makes a great leader today
  • Top 5 actions leaders must execute to Succeed
  • Situtuational leadership; you may not have the title, but you have the position

Communication; Not Just Conversation

Course Overview:

In the business world you need to speak differently, write differently and even move your hands differently. Business Communication is goal oriented speaking and writing. This class covers the critical difference between having a conversation, and a controlled communication with a person. It will empower people in business to take control of their communication and lead instead of simply reacting and responding to customers.

Course Objectives:

Attendees will have a heightened awareness of their control of information exchange.

Key takeaways include:
  • Do's and Don'ts of buzzword language

  • Tact and Diplomacy

  • 7 Words and phrases that will get you in trouble every time – and better options

  • When to you use your secret weapon – silence

  • 5 ways to get back on track from a derailed conversation

  • How to brag without looking like it

  • Casual vs cancerous tones and talking

  • Basics of Negotiation

Time Management

Course Overview:

This is THE key to efficiency and maximizing productivity. From managing email to juggling your time on multiple projects, you only have the same 24 hours in day everyone else has. Learn how to budget your time wisely and effectively—and help you rethink and re prioritize on a moment’s notice.

Course Objectives:

Attendees will have key tools to effectively expand their time usage. There is too much time to waste and too little time to accomplish. We'll flip that. Key takeaways include:

  • Clarify your priorities and organize your time accordingly
  • Top 5 ways you waste time and how to gain time back
  • Set truly attainable goals
  • How to say "no" to external pressures
  • Delegate vs Deliberate
  • Increase your responsiveness to internal and external customers

Prospecting and Lead Generation

Course Overview:

Open up your funnel, and grow! YOU NEED CUSTOMERS! This is the lifeblood of the economy! Customers are everywhere and it always seems like someone else is getting their money, doesn't it? Let's role-play a few door-knocks shall we? Maybe that's not the best prospecting source these days...

Course Objectives:

Attendees will leave with a higher motivation for taking the steps necessary to generate leads. Feel confident in your ability and have a clear picture on ways to accomplish the goals you create.

Key takeaways are:
  • Active and passive generation: know the difference

  • Top 6 lead generation techniques in any industry

  • Why you hate prospecting and how to fix that attitude

  • What customers expect you to do; and what you should do

  • Leverage your lead generation; never work alone

The Close: Overcoming Objections

Course Overview:

Get the customer's approval and let them smile while doing it! The King of Questions... How do I close more deals? I need to get more checks and swipes and I know closing is how to get those! I WANT MORE!

Course Objectives:

Attendees will understand completely the goal of closing the sale... beyond getting the check.

Key takeaways include:
  • Overcoming objections (C-C- C-C, F-F- F, and more methods)

  • The power of YES and NO

  • Adjusting perception of value systems (as perceived by customer)

  • Top 10 closes for any industry

  • Identifying true objections vs smoke screens

  • Move to the write-up 100% of all sits

The Millennial Mindset

Course Overview:

Millennials will soon outnumber all other sub-generations combined and in 5 years will control 75% of the spending power in America… and no one is training people how to sell to them, manage them, or even communicate with them! You can either learn these things now, or just wait to be washed away in 5 years.

Course Objectives:

Attendees will have tools to help work with Millennials. Demystify "WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?" and get to making more money with them.

Key takeaways include:
  • Hire Millennials and KEEP them hired

  • Understand how to communicate with and for Millennials

  • Identifying key factors of the Millennial Generation

  • Top 5 decision making drivers for Millennials

  • How to drive Millennial to your business... or keep them away

Advanced Consultative Selling

Course Overview:

Earn more business through appropriate consulting! Advanced Consultative Selling is the most effective skills development class available for quickly improving sales results. This class teaches or reteaches sales teams to better differentiate your offerings, gain access to the right level decision makers (business, users and financial), develop a compelling business case, close sales effectively and avoid put-offs.

Course Objectives:

Attendees will understand how to better lead customers through a decision making process. You'll cover how to get them to the next step.

Key takeaways include:
  • Avoiding put-offs

  • Close sales effectively

  • Developing a compelling business case

  • Gain access to the right level decision makers

  • Better differentiate your offerings

Emotional Intelligence

Course Overview:

Create Evangalists! Not just customers! Create a powerful, emotional, memorable, one-of- a-kind, unexpected brand. This is the key to creating personal and prfoessional, SUSTAINABLE success. No one wants success today and see it gone tomorrow. This will show you how to keep it.

Course Objectives:

Attendees will understand how to impact customers on a powerful, deeper level.

Key takeaways include:
  • Key components to BRAND loyalty, not product loyalty

  • Create a compelling environment for customers to sell FOR you

  • Identifying the 5 key factors of customer needs and desires in brands

  • A deeper understanding of the difference between marketing and branding

  • how to properly respond to "what do you do?"

  • Create impacting MEANING behind dollars spend on branding

  • What metrics to follow and NOT follow to define emotional branding

  • Customer Satisfaction vs. Customer Loyalty

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